Every corporate business woman deserves the classiest look that she can get in the world. At TrendiBlends, we understand that business women don’t have the time to continuously visit the makeup counter to find which color would suit every work day. This is why we focus on skin care products to give the corporate woman that healthy skin look. TrendiBlends understands that make up kits are effective to cover up imperfections, but we have also been able to improve our client's skin through years of experience. Taking care of your skin has never been this easy or cost effective!

TrendiBlends offers the professional women the privilege to focus more on their skin as it offers more hydration and elasticity, which are the key characteristics of great skin. We use our state of the art skin care analysis to tell which skin care product best suits the skin of our clients. We use our anti-aging formula to help our clients fights against the visible effects of stress by revitalizing cells. It offers you the opportunity of having better skin.

Last but not least our custom blend program focuses on advanced formulation using a combination of color theory and cosmeceuticals. Custom blend is our unique product that allows our client to own their propriety makeup based on their skin tone, type, skin concern and the type of texture our clients want. It is 12% pure pigment which means the foundation is not diluted like department store makeup and is true to skin. Our custom blend is therapeutic and healing because it is water-based, which is why we are able to partner with medical spas and plastic surgeons. Our skin care and custom blend program is the answer for someone looking for that high quality perfectly flawless finish.

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